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Today 4 Tomorrow Youth Savings Accounts is offered in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mid-Central Coast!

United Way will provide opportunities for parents to open a new Today 4 Tomorrow Youth Custodial Savings Account for program participants, and United Way will deposit $44 into the account upon program completion to kickstart good financial practices at a young age. Participants will then be encouraged to deposit an additional $44 in a specified time frame to their own savings account. Once they have reached that goal, United Way will deposit a second deposit of $44. 

To participate in the program, please contact your local Boys and Girls Club of the Mid-Central Coast.

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We are partnering with Ready4K to deliver exciting educational content straight to your phone!

Ready4K is a text based program that helps students engage in learning outside of the classroom.

Sammy Money School

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Sammy's Money School teaches good financial practices to elementary age children with fun songs, activities, and more! Formed in collaboration with Sammy Rabbit, United Way of San Luis Obispo County, Northern Santa Barbara County United Way and our banking sponsors, CoastHills Federal Credit Union and Union Bank, this financial literacy program will be implemented at after school program sites of Boys and Girls Clubs of the Mid-Central Coast. The 6-session program will be led by financially proficient volunteers from United Way. The goal of the program and collaboration is to teach children at an early age to develop great money habits that can empower them for the rest of their lives. At the end of the 6-session program, parents and children are provided the opportunity to open a Today 4 Tomorrow youth custodial savings account and United Way will make an initial deposit of $44. Then when the child saves another $44 in a specified amount of time, United Way will make a second deposit of $44 for a total of $132 to get your child off to a great savings start.


Each child enrolled in the program receives a new, age-appropriate book every month from enrollment through five years of age. From their first book, “The Little Engine That Could”, through the last book of the series, “Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come,” all books are reviewed and selected by a panel of experts.

Studies show that if a child can read at grade level by the time she or he is in fourth grade, they increase their chances of succeeding in middle school and graduating on time from high school. This program gets children excited about reading and before they even enter kindergarten, they can have their own personal library. It also helps strengthen families by encouraging positive interaction between adults and children through shared reading.

Developed in 1996 by writer and singer Dolly Parton, the Imagination Library is intended to encourage a love of reading and learning. Her impoverished childhood and father’s illiteracy inspired the country legend to create the program in her native Sevier County, Tennessee. 

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