211 San Luis Obispo County

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Phone, text message and online support is available 24/7!


What is 211?

211 is an easy to remember number for information and referral to health and human service programs. In 2020, 95.6% of the US Population lived in an area covered by 211 services, and 211 answered more than 18.5 million calls, responded to more than 1.5 million texts, and made more than 27.8 million total connections nationwide.

Connecting people to SLO County resources

211 MobileChallenges happen in life, and 211 is here to support our community through the ups and downs! In SLO County, someone has struggled to cope with the illness of a loved one. Someone has stressed over the choice between paying their rent or their medical bills. Someone has moved here in search of a fresh start and needed assistance finding a job.

In their times of uncertainty, they have turned to 211 and been met with the kind and listening ears of trained 211 call specialists. People have started their 211 phone calls unsure of what to do next and ended with a sense of direction and hope.

211 call specialists listen with care and recommend resources in the community that can support the needs of each individual. Connection to the many resources available in our community through this free confidential service is just a phone call away.

How does 211 work?

211 OperatorWhen people call 211, they speak to a trained specialist who can find services most tailored to their needs. When callers find themselves in a tough spot, often multiple forms of assistance are needed. 211 can connect them to all applicable services to form a cohesive recovery plan. Then, once receiving services, the caller can take proactive measures to mitigate future struggles.

211 is available 24/7 to answer the question “I need help, what should I do?”. By directing callers to the correct service, 211 reduces the amount of inappropriate calls to 911 and other services. Callers with immediate crisis or mental health needs are connected to an appropriate hotline via warm transfer, which means that callers do not need to hang up the phone while being transferred. 211 also helps streamline intake at social service organizations by informing callers of the services offered and intake process ahead of time.

During times of disaster, 211 is an indispensable resource to help callers stay informed of recovery services. By helping us recover quickly when affected by disaster, 211 is key in strengthening the resilience of our community.

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